Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday micro post

Last night I had a few spare minutes, so I wired up the Engravity gear lever. It's connected to the computer via the CPFlight MIP board. I was expecting that I'd need to tweak FSUIPC to get the "button push" recognized by FSX. However, without making any software changes, the sim recognized the movement of the lever and the gear now goes up and down. The gear transit and gear down lights all work beautifully.

Don't know what it is but hauling on a mechanical lever, hearing and feeling it clunk into place is just way more satisfying that clicking on the G key... Bottom line, if you don't mind wiring and soldering, this CPFlight board is pretty darned close to plug and play. Much better than other hardware I've used (GoFlight take note here).

What else? Got an update from Flight Illusions, looks like 3rd week in March for the standby gauges... I guess I'll just standby for that.

Forecast is for yet another rainy weekend in San Francisco. Might get around to building the base and will work on the yoke next.

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