Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update on Project Magenta issue and weekend build details

As previously reported, I had a problem with the nav display, in that the waypoints would disappear on pressing Exec on the CDU. As also reported, it was probably something dumb on my behalf. Enrico proved that this was the case (what a patient man). The fix? Select an airplane on the IDENT page...

Story behind this is that I got a new system for the box running Project Magenta. In my haste to set it up, I forgot to select a model on the IDENT page. No wonder I couldn't find the flaps setting on the takeoff page. When checked, the CDU displayed a model akin to "defaultfs04" (sorry - didn't get a screen shot and reinstalling the software didn't reveal it). Switched it to 737-700 and the display worked flawlessly. A practice flight and the autopilot, CDU, displays et al. were a pleasure. So thank you Enrico, all is now well in the world (and I've added checking the model on the IDENT page to my pre-flight checklist...)

What else? Well, I glued up and positioned all of the anunciators. Since most (with the exception of 1) require 2 LEDs per display, I started off by soldering each pair of LEDs together. Insulated the leads with heat shrink tubing and set them in the holders ready for wiring. Then I ran cat 5 wiring to each annunciator and here are the results: 

Only got the center panel wired up - had to break away to take the dog to an emergency visit to the vet. She's fine - thanks for asking. Poot thing only complained when the vet whipped out the thermometer...

What also arrived this weekend were the dimmers I mentioned in a previous post. All the way from Hong Kong, postage free. The little beauties work like a dream! Great dimming range with no flickering. So with this, I've abandoned trying to figure out why my home brew circuit board doesn't work. Here's the link again if you would like to order your own. Now all I need to figure out is how to mount them on the sim and make them look like the real thing.

Since I'm running out of things to wire on the MIP, I've started thinking about the yoke. Picked up some 2" plastic tubing (electrical conduit) this weekend. Will start work on it if my gas gauges don't turn up soon...

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