Sunday, December 11, 2016

A year? Already?

Hard to fathom a year has gone by without a posting. If I still have any followers out there I'd be surprised..

A couple of updates for you. First one is good news/bad news. The good news is that I've entered semi retirement. This should give me time to work on the sim - yay! Bad news is we moved out of state to a home that doesn't currently have space for the sim, the screen, projectors etc. Here's what the build looks like right now:
Yep, it's in crates and stored in the cupboard with other unneeded items.

I still plan on working on some of the other bits and pieces and will resume blogging when I do. I already have a set of photos and notes from the dual control column build - don't want to post those until I know my design works.

Second update: received a polite email from Van Vangyver asking if I ever got the Flight Illusion issue resolved with the combined airspeed / altimeter gauge GSA-125 (see my post from October last year - "What the Heck"). I did. It took a while to get a response, was asked to send the defective unit back and a replacement was sent out. Let me say that the new one works flawlessly and is a joy to behold. My only gripe is that I was never refunded for the cost of shipping the duff unit back to the Netherlands from the US...

Despite this I do owe it to Flight Illusion to share with you that they did eventually make things right. And thank you to Van Vangyver for reminding me. More of him here: