Monday, June 28, 2010

Ok, made my mind up...

...I ordered the motorized throttle today from Revolution Simproducts. Oh boy. Next 10 to 12 weeks will seem like forever.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Still here (sort of)

Sorry folks, not much action to report. Got back from a trip to Europe a week or so back and today I'm getting on the plane back there... This and the house remodel (I can hear the contractor banging away as I write this) has resulted in very little time for the sim.

What I did do though was more work on the yoke (mind you, that Ace yoke is starting to look tempting....). Managed to break one of the CH products potentiometers in the process, since I wasn't paying attention to the strain I was putting on the thing while coupling it up to the yoke handle. Snapped the PCB in two in the process. Happily, CH products sells and ships parts. I ordered 2 more (hey I might break it again!) and they arrived today. On my return from Europe I'll take another crack at it.

On my last trip I contacted Revolution Simproducts to see if I could stop by to see the motorized throttle (I had Euros burning a hole in my pocket...). Eren got right back to me and said it wouldn't be a problem. Sadly, even though I was in France, he was too far away for me to get there and still catch my flight home. Maybe next time. I need to make my mind up - keep going with my home made yoke and buy the throttle, or buy the yoke now and the throttle later?

Also while away, Gianluca got in touch. It was really pleasant to get some direct feedback on the blog, my progress and also to note the similarities in our builds.

All for now - my real plane beckons.