Monday, May 10, 2010

A quick word

Dear Anoraks,

I picked up a comment from Mike this weekend, apparently he is building a captain only rig too. Problem was, I couldn't figure out his email address to reply to. Which got me thinking, how can you reach out to me? I checked out Gmail to find that some wag has already stolen my FlyWJP handle, so here's the address you can use going forward (it's also in my updated profile):

What else? Slow to no progress on the sim due to other commitments. Trying to focus on the yoke rebuild, will post an update when I've figured out the mechanism for controlling roll and pitch.

Also picked up a new follower from New Zealand, Ruscool. Not only can they repair your Mitsubishi refrigerated container controllers (eh?), they also knock out parts for flight simulators. Those rotary encoder knobs look cool and I'm sure a set has my name on them...