Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's the big idea?

So why the blog? I've been messing around with Microsoft Flight simulator for years and want to take it to the next level of realism. To do so though requires a lot of time, patience and (of course) money. It also involves trial and error. The goal of this Blog is to help others embarking on this quest, to provide some pointers and hopefully reduce the time/frustration/cost/failure equation.

So what am I'm striving for in terms of realism? A good question which all simmers should ask themselves before taking detours on the wrong paths to nirvana. I wish I had been more clear when I started, I encourage you to draw up somehing similar to the mission statement below before you start.

Desired end state of Simulator
  • Boeing 737 NG cockpit
  • Controls should have close look and feel to a real 737
  • Fixed simulator (ie. it won't move around the room as I fly it...)
  • Comfortable to fly - all controls within easy reach
  • Minimal use of mouse clicks in the software - physical controls will interface with simulator
  • Based on FSX
  • Captain's station only, with ability to add first office station later if I get enough room or anyone else interested in flying with me (doubtful - no other anoraks in proximity or current social circle)
  • Wrap around screen to display external view
  • Easy to maintain/upgrade (ie. I will actually fly the thing and won't be constantly debugging code)
  • Built in stages: MIP first, center console second, overhead panel last
So this said, the rest of the blog will follow my progress (including build photos), decisions made on gear, what went wrong and how I got it back on track. Next up, why my cockpit is currently in bits...

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