Monday, December 14, 2009


A rainy weekend in San Francisco meant I was able to get 2 coats of primer on the dining room walls...

"What was that?", I hear across the internet, "I thought this was a Blog on building a sim?".

Indeed it is, and there was some of that going on too this weekend. Since we decided to stay home for Christmas (more time for the sim - whay hey!), there's a good chance we'll have people over for dinner. So fair's fair - I split my time between building the MIP console and doing the domestic work.

So here's the MIP stand, made out of half inch fiber board:

Fiber board is the material of choice, it would seem, for most builders. I find it a pain to work with. I have a well equipped workshop, so there's no excuse there. The problem with the board is that although it paints well, it doesn't really lend itself to structural work. It's easily broken and doesn't take a screw well.

I don't take a photo well either - here's a close up of a crack in the edge of the board caused by screwing in the side panel:

Sorry, didn't realize it was out of focus until I had filled the crack.

Other problem I had was that I tried to get cute. I cut a half inch dado in the side panels to receive the shelf. I thought this would add some structural stability but instead was a nuisance in bedding the shelf in, even after I had eased over the shelf edges. Anyway, got it in there, glued screwed and nailed the sucker in. Also put in a rear panel to provide more support.

So here's how it looks with the MIP in place:

You'll notice that there's a gap on the right hand side. This is because the bracket that holds the MCP and EFIS units is built for a full size cockpit (one that has a first officer station). Since I may add the other side to the cockpit at a later date, I didn't want to cut down the size of the bracket. This is why the right hand side of the console doesn't match the profile of the left:

Later I'll add a piece of metal that will connect the right hand side of the bracket to the console. Not sure what I'll use the space to the right of the center panel for, possibly storage for manuals.

Next up, prime and paint on the console, finish coat on the dining room walls...

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