Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Between flights

Home briefly from Europe - I head out again on Sunday. During my brief stay on PDT, I was able to fit in a visit from a fellow sim builder, Gianluca and the lovely Linda. This marks the first time someone has looked over the build, other than peering at my poor attempts at photography via this very blog. I'll admit I was anxious.

One item Gianluca was particularly interested in was the Revolution Simproducts TQ. I wanted him to see it at its best so I again started up my request for support from RS. The basic functions are working but not the TOGA buttons, reverse thrusters, AT disconnect. A couple of other problems where the throttles move out of sync and clicks off the AT or the lights flicker because of a USB cable that needs to be wiggled into just the right position have also been driving me bonkers.

I'll be the first to recognize the issue with the time difference between San Francisco and Istanbul/Paris. It isn't rocket science to figure it out though. Despite this, the crew at RS failed to make 2 appointments in 2 consecutive days with me, over Skype. My email expressing how disappointed I am in their after sales service and would they take the unit back for a full refund has gone unanswered. If you're looking for a review of Revolution Simproducts before buying, pay attention and drop me a note if you want more details.

Onto other preparations. I screwed everything down onto the base your saw built in the last post. That would be the MIP, TQ, pedestal, rudder pedals, everything except the chair. Remember the wheels I put on the front to make it easier to move the whole ensemble? No chance - even without the chair the build is too heavy to pick up at one end! Will need to rethink this. Also tidied up the room and vacuumed...

Dropped a line to the master of sim visits, Ian Sissons in the UK. First to thank him for posting a very comprehensive library of manuals etc. (you can see it here) and also (since he knows Gianluca) to share the news and my anxiety for the pending visit. As always Ian was quick on the reply with advice, sharing that he was taking a brief break for his sim to paint and decorate his living room and hallway. I fear I too will soon be getting caught up on the "honey do" list.

Gianluca and I have approached our builds from very similar design principles. He was very gracious with his comments on my efforts and gave some tips on how to tune up a couple of things. He patiently watched while I took off from KSFO, flew north for about 20 minutes then doubled back for a landing on 28R. Having failed to intercept the localizer, I took manual control and, given the pressure of a knowing observer, made not too bad a landing. A bit like a check ride. He declined a go himself so we returned to our ladies and wrapped up the evening.

While writing this post, Gianluca has snuck in there to comment on my pedestal build. You are too kind sir. Also while writing this post, just received an email from the team at RS suggesting we resolve the problems on Saturday morning my time - I'll let you know how it goes.

In previous posts you may remember me rattling on about seeing the aurora borealis from the airplane window, while flying over northern Canada and Greenland. I found this very interesting video taken from the window of an Air France jumbo. Enjoy, as hopefully I will on my next flight to Europe on Sunday.

On my return I'll be taking a break from the sim and will be building a sideboard for the dining room. You don't want to see photos of that? Surely not....