Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here we go again

Back from my latest tour of Europe. Waiting for me was a nice big box of goodies from our friends at Fly Engravity. Yes, the first officer side of the MIP with all the switches and what not have arrived. Time to break everything down and start afresh.

This weekend I'll get a start on pulling the sim apart, hopefully for the last time. I need to replace the MIP stand with a full width model. The raised base will also go and will be replaced by another that is also full width. I'll use 2" x 6" lumber this time to give me more to play with in terms of the control column base. I won't be adding a first office yoke or pedals now but would like to have the option for this in the future. I'll also come up with a more modular design that will make it easier to maintain the entire rig. For example, screw down floor panels rather than carpet.

Incidentally, I was cruising my usual sites for information and saw that Rudy was selling his control columns, yokes et al. For a moment I thought maybe I could save some time by buying his. Sadly though, it sold in no time. I've always admired Rudy's work and have looked at all of his build photos, especially his control columns. Puzzled as to why he was selling, I dropped him a line. Answer: Looking for a more realistic set up, self centering with the possibility of motorization. As always, he continues to inspire me. 

My new design will also allow for the addition of a shell. It will be constructed of at least 4 separate parts, 2 sides, the window frames and a roof. If I ever get around to building the overhead, it will be an integral part of the roof design.

For now though I just want to get my sim room emptied so I can paint the walls, replace the carpet with a hardwood floor, gut the closet to put my desk in there instead, run wires for the projectors and build the wrap around screen. Doubt I'll have much to show for a while but when I do, I'll post the photos.

As you'll notice from the panel on the right, my new desired end state has changed to the full size cockpit. And to close, a photo I took over Greenland last week of a huge glacier. Sorry the window was so dirty - United, are you reading this?

Ps. While in Germany I visited the Sinsheim Technik museum with my buddy Bernd and his 2 kids. Got to clamber around inside a Concorde and a Tuploev TU-144. How cool is that?