Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho ho ho! Merry Simmas!

Well then, not only were Santa and his Elves cranking away on the workshop overtime, your favorite red nosed Anorak was hammering away too.

Made a couple of design decisions before applying the paint to the MIP stand. Worries that all of the movement around the shop would break the fragile fiber board, I added some hardwood feet:

Also decided to knock out the forward console. It houses the CDU and an additional EICAS screen. I won't be bothering with the EICAS for now, although I really want to get my CDU working. Mine is a plug and play unit from Engravity.

See those tricky angles at the front? That's a 135 degree kink near the bottom. To get the miters just right I used (for the first time) a digital angle guide on my table saw. Boy did that save me some time! Need to half that 135 degree angle? No problem sir, 67.5 degrees coming up:

I couldn't resist - bolted the MIP pieces to the stand and put the seat in front to check the ergonomics (what little there are at this stage):

All felt pretty darned good! Next up - I'll cut a hole in the MIP and forward consoles to fit a 19" Acer screen. It will provide the visuals for the Primary Flight Display (PFD) and the Navigation Display (ND). Then I'll get some paint on, lug the whole thing up to my guest bedroom, rig up some of the wiring and fly the sucker - it's been too long since I took to the "air".


  1. Wow! You are on your way now. What throttle are you thinking of buying? Love the digital angle guide. I myself will start building my cockpi next year when I move house.737 fan

  2. Well, if I really fly this thing in 2010, I've promised myself a powered throttle quadrant from these guys

    Hope my blog is of use to you - if nothing else it will provide links to others who are much better than I!