Thursday, February 11, 2010

A brief note about your comments and other stuff

I'm amazed and thrilled that I actually have 7 followers of this blog. I appreciate your feedback, comments, questions or contributions. In digging through the older posts today, I noticed 2 comments, one from Bret and another from Gianluca. Apologies if you feel your comments were ignored - I simply don't get notified when you post them! (although I just found a setting that should alert me when you do). So please check back in with the comments you have made, I've provided responses.

So please, please, keep the communication going. I'll do a better job of scanning all the posts for your comments.

Doubt there will be a build post this weekend - we're heading out of town. In the meanwhile I'll continue to work with Project Magenta support on the disappearing waypoint issue. Here it is again. Flight plan is entered in the CDU and is displayed on the ND:
As you can see above, in plan mode the ND displays all the waypoints entered. The Execute button is lit up, ready for confirmation. When you click it, the waypoints disappear from the ND and are replaced with a straight line flight path from the departure airport to the arrival airport:

We'll get it figured out. Again to be fair to Project Magenta, I'm probably doing something dumb...


  1. Do you really read and respond to our comments?

  2. Great to see the progress coming along. I know for a fact that these comments are read. I follow this site every day. It is great to see someone documenting their progress and displaying their work.....

  3. Thanks for the feedback! My comment above was just me testing the auto notification process. It's working now so when followers post comments, I'll know right away.