Monday, February 1, 2010

All lit up

John at work was busting my chops because I didn't put any photos in the earlier post. So for you, here's the latest view of the sim (note that the EICAS screen isn't mounted, it's just propped up with whatever was lying around):

So as you can see, I need to paint the walls in the guest bedroom. That yellow is too glaring. Maybe the wife will let me paint it all Boeing gray (fat chance).

And since the photo doesn't do the screens or the backlighting justice, here's another shot without the flash (still haven't located my tripod so the photo is a bit shaky):

Can I go to bed now?


  1. Thanks Bret! It's coming together, a bit more slowly than I'd hoped but it does look pretty cool! Sadly there will be no progress this weekend - heading out of town.

    So how's all that snow impacting you in DC?