Sunday, February 7, 2010

Short post - too much else going on

Not a lot to report this week fans. A lot going on at work and judging by an email I just received (on a Sunday - can you believe it?) there's going to be a lot of action next week too.

Reported the disappearing waypoint on the ND issue to the good folk at Project Magenta. Just got an email back from Enrico, so someone else is working Sundays too!Could be something dumb I'm doing - just can't figure out what. To make sure I was programming the FMC correctly, I purchased this excellent guide from Leading Edge Publishing. The thing arrived practically the next day after ordering, so you can't fault their customer service. Also bought the Cockpit Companion which I'll be pouring over too. Both are quality products and are worth the price.

So from a build perspective, got the CP Flight MIP board installed:

You can see I've mounted some Plexiglas on top to protect the circuit board from damage or shorts caused by me dropping stuff in there. Only one corner is screwed in so you can peel it back for wiring. And to the realization - this exercise will be all about cable management. All that's in there now are the wires for the six pack. Awaiting connection are the wires for the Fire and Master Caution warning lights/switches. My original idea was to go with wire for irrigation systems, since they are multi strand. I now think the gauge is too thick so will probably go with twisted wire pairs from stripped down cat 5 cable for everything else. This is what I used in the backlighting connections, which you can see here (white and orange wires):

What you're also looking at here are the rotary switches for the display unit selectors and the autopilot/auto throttle warning lights.

That's it for now.

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