Monday, February 1, 2010

2 posts? Maybe not...

Whatever happened to that weekend!

Spent most of Saturday trying to get all of those components on the circuit board for the dimmer. Although it worked perfectly on the test board, could I get it working when all soldered together? No. I spent hours on the thing trying to isolate the problem. No luck. So I gave up on that for now.

On Sunday, I had to finish up some real work to be ready for a meeting on Monday. As I left the office on Friday, one of the assistants wished me a "happy weekend of building". She has also started calling me Anorak....might not have been a good idea to share these personal details at work, Too late now....

Then the in-laws flew in from Atlanta and needed to be picked up from the airport. They arrived late (thanks Delta) so that put a dent in the time available. It was too late to get them to a restaurant so I had to cook dinner.

But there are the things that get in the way of we Anoraks realizing our dream! It's called life and must be dealt with head on.

So no photos for you until the mini mid week update but what I did accomplish was:
  • Reorganized the guest room to give me more and easier access to the back of the sim
  • Reworked the mounting brackets on the landing gear lever so that it would actually fit the pre-drilled holes in the center panel
  • Mounted and tested the landing gear lever (it feels solid and make a satisfying clunking sound when engaged)
  • Mounted a sub woofer into the forward panel (it was a waste of space anyway)
  • Set up the wiring ready to connect the CPflight MIP card
  • Prepped all of the backlit panels for hook up to the lighting harness
More later....

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