Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Revolution Simproducts

Today a post almost exclusively dedicated to our friends in Paris, Revolution Simproducts.

In my last scribble you will recall that they were about to ship my TQ. They sent me a tracking number and of course I started checking the FedEx site daily. Here is the sequence of events to date:

Thursday, November 18th
  • Email from RS (Revolution Simproducts) saying they will ship the TQ on Monday, November 22nd
  • Further email from RS where we came to an agreement on what to do with the rudder pedal order I wanted to cancel (remember? I took them up on their Lelystad show special offer. Pay half for the kit with the order, pay the rest when you pick it up at the show. They didn't have a kit ready for me)
  • Another email from RS asking for the balance on pedals to be in their PayPal account before they ship anything. Due to PayPal delays, clearing date is set for November 25th
Monday, November 22nd
  • TQ didn't ship. Ok, will wait for it and the pedals to ship at the same time
Thursday, November25th
  • I email RS to inform them that the PayPal transfer is complete - please ship order
Friday, November 26th
  • No update on the FedEx tracker. I email RS asking for update
Saturday, November 27th
  • Email from RS - at the sim show in Le Bourget. Will ship your order on Monday, November 29th
Monday, November 29th
  • No update on the FedEx tracker. I email RS asking for update. No response
Wednesday, December 1st
  • I email RS again asking for an update.
  • RS responds without an apology. Out of office, will ship Thursday, December 2nd...
See where this going? Keep in mind I ordered the TQ at the end of June, when they were advertising a 10 week lead time.

While in Lelystad I was speaking to RS and was told they don't care what people might write about them on line and that if their customers don't like it, too bad. Rather a cavalier approach to customer service if you are a fledgling company but then again, what do I know? I'm just a dumb customer with a 3,969 Euro unfulfilled order and a bogus FedEx tracking number.

To be continued.

Now let me recount a much different experience with CP Flight. As reported in the last post, the MIP board went on the blink after plugging in the new radio units. Received immediate assistance via email with ideas on how to remedy the problem. Sadly none worked out so the board had to be disconnected from the MIP for a final test. Still nothing, so CPFlight issued an RMA (Return Material Authorization) right away and the board is now on route to Italy for a check up.

Wonder if I get the replacement/repair back before I get the TQ/Pedals?

End of rant.

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