Saturday, December 11, 2010

Revolution Simproducts rudder pedal "kit"

Oh oh, you know it's not going to be a good post....

Started in on the pedal kit today. Since the package arrived with no instructions whatsoever, I watched Ian Sisson's excellent instructional videos on how to put the thing together. Now let me qualify my observations here, it's possible that the RS team changed the design of the kit after Ian produced the videos (I have an email into Eren to give him the benefit of the doubt). Here's what I noted where the video differed from what I tried to put together today:
  • Footrests were not pre-assembled (no big deal, the screws were in the box and it was easy to do it myself)
  • Parts were not numbered
  • Inside side panels were missing or have been redesigned. A couple of white plastic pieces were in the box that look like they are designed to connect the top and bottom side panels together:
  • However, there is nothing to connect the rear of the panels together
  • The locking nuts for the rudder pedal brake spring bolt are missing

  • The base side pieces that Ian mentions look like they have been replaced with a single plastic piece as shown below:

  • Also the brake pedal gears were not indexed – I put that mark in there myself. I presume the potentiometer should be midway between stops when the pedal is in a neutral position
  • The top side panels already have a plastic lip screwed to them. In Ian's video there is a single piece of plastic that joins the 2 sides together
  • In my “dry fit” I can see that the side panels don’t go all the way to the rear of the unit. Have asked if this is "as designed"
  • There are no instructions on how to wire up the pedals to the tiny control board - guess you're on your own there bub (although there is an online guide on how to calibrate it in FSUIPC)
  • As previously reported, the paint work on the side panels is in a shocking state:
Anything I do like for my 999 Euro? The mechanics of the pedals are sound, move smoothly and have a real heft to them. The foot rests look cool too. Was it worth it? No, I don't think so