Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Revolution Simproducts - the sequel (part 4)

Did my homework over the weekend. What Oral from RS was hoping I'd report, is that the spoiler would deploy on landing. It didn't. Nor do the reverse thrusters work.

We scheduled another Skype session for Monday night my time... then again for Tuesday night my time. No progress to report. Seems that the new card in my TQ is functioning ok since we can calibrate the spoilers and see the other key depressions in the RS calibration software. Something is not getting through to Project Magenta and/or FSX. It could be the RS software that also needs to be running, alongside SIOC and FSX.

Oral is baffled and is going to regroup with the team in Paris before we try again. Just as well since the late nights and early mornings are killing me.

Oh and the rudder pedal panel replacements? They were supposed to ship on Monday. Received an email from RS, due to the snow they were having difficulty getting to work and the courier wasn't shipping anyway. Also saw a broader message go out to all customers awaiting shipments - a positive move. Much better to keep customers up to date with status rather than expecting the customer to enquire repeatedly. I look forward to an early thaw in Paris and a resumption of normal service.

Another sign that my feedback is being taken seriously is that RS would like to start using the "Remove Before Flight" sheet on future TQ shipments (see my post of December 13th). I also offered to rewrite parts of the TQ installation manual - must get that finished and back to the guys soon.

Now did I happen to mention my banging new computer? What a beauty! Got the memory cards installed last week and the beast started up first time without a hitch. First time I've built my own system and I'm surprised at how easy it was.

I've installed FSX on its own "solid state" disk drive. Software start up time is dramatically reduced and the scenery loading in flight is seamless. Would recommend this option for anyone who wants a quick performance increase with FSX without investing in a new computer.

As for the faster processor speed, I'm now enjoying almost 30 frames per second with all of the graphic sliders turned to high. Have yet to fine tune the settings (do I really need to see boats on the water? Nah!) or try my hand at over clocking the CPU. More on this later.

This will probably be my last post of the year (unless Oral gets back to me today). We've passed the 1 year mark on this blog - expect accelerated progress in 2011!

Thanks for following.


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