Monday, December 13, 2010

Follow up to Revolution Simproducts

A brief post to bring you up to speed with weekend activities. A flurry of emails between myself and RS - I appreciate the guys being so responsive over the weekend. In a nutshell:
  • The rudder pedal kit design did change around the end of October. Ian wasn't aware (he is now!) and will be working on a new video
  • The shipper at RS sent me the wrong panels - they will be replaced. The new design does not include the inner panels, just the outer ones
  • The side pieces you connect the panels too have changed and are now a single piece that attaches to the base
  • The cover doesn't go all the way to the back of the pedal base. This is to allow the interlink mechanism for 2 pedal sets to connect up and not bind
  • Eren will send a photo on how to connect up the potentiometer cables to the control board
On the TQ side:
  • Oral generally works with each client to set up a SIOC script. He asked me for some key information (serial # of my TQ, version of FS, PM or PMDG) and will get back to me
  • He also offered "a sleepless night" session via Skype,  to work with me on the set up. I thought this was very kind (he is after all 10 hours ahead of me)
My suggestion to RS is this: why not print on a single piece of paper which you tape to the TQ that covers:
  • What you shouldn't do once you have unpacked the TQ (eg. Pull the reverse levers back unless the engine cut out switches are set to idle)
  • Procedure for capturing key information that RS will need to set up your SIOC script
  • A pointer back to the RS website for the SIOC install download
Maybe something like this (feel free to use it guys):

A little customer service goes a long way.

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