Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good News and Bad

Awoke this morning to an email from Revolution Simproducts that my TQ will ship on Monday. Hurrah! Doubt I'll see it by Thanksgiving but at least I now have a FedEx tracking number. Eren also offered up a suggestion on the pedals, so we're back on plan with those.

Other good news is that I got my Project Magenta issues sorted out. The latest build I tried installing a few weeks back, was remarkable in that as soon as you started up the software (sorry, can't remember which module it was, I'm guessing the MCP) it deleted itself... Yesterday I downloaded build 482 and the problem went away.

That's the good. Now the bad.

Last night I followed the instructions on my new CP Flight units, upgraded the firmware in the MCP and plugged everything in. All worked well - the units are happily communicating with Project Magenta and FSX. The bad news though is that my CP Flight MIP board has stopped working. Tried swapping around the power supply (you have the option of plugging it into the MCP or the board) and the jumper, still no joy. I sent an email off to CP Flight support last night and this morning they had replied with some troubleshooting ideas. Now that's what I call customer support, something CP Flight are well known for. I'll let you know how it goes.

Finally, received a couple of emails from Ian Sissons today. Not only was he instrumental in sorting out my order issues, he provided positive feedback on this blog, having just read "all of it :o))". Good to know. I would like more feedback from anyone else that is reading my blether, so please drop me a line or a comment with you impressions and ideas for improvement.

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