Monday, November 15, 2010

Lelystad photo wrap up

As promised, more photos from the show.

The new fire panel from CP flight. Very nice!:
Ian Sissons in full demo mode at the Revolution Simproducts stand:
From the left, Jean, Eren and Oral (seated) setting up the Revolution Simproducts yoke column, pedal and TQ demo:

Close up of the pedals and yoke column:
And a pilot's eye view of the TQ (assuming the pilot has slipped out of the jump seat and is on his/her knees):

Here we see the craftsmanship that goes into a Revolution Simproducts TQ:

Meanwhile over in the GA section, Mark Verschaeren of Flight Illusion puts his rig and new force feedback yoke through its paces:

Center console from Opencockpits (my winter project will be to make one for the CP Flight modules I purchased at the show):

Overhead from Opencockpits:
Vs the one from Engravity:

The FS Holland screen gazers (what are they doing? Sorry, no idea. There was a guy with a microphone that was explaining what was happening but it was all in Dutch):
And finally a short video of a home built 3 axis of movement platform (sorry about the poor light and shaking camera):

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