Monday, November 8, 2010

Lelystad wrap up

End of day one I met up with Ian and others for dinner at the Flantuas. The vibe was convivial and for me, meeting other cockpit builders was the highlight of the trip. To my left was Gert from Flyware. Across from me was John Perrin and Ian, on the end of the table Peter Wilshire (what a gentleman!) and Steve Mitchell. To my right Oral from Simproducts. Back to the hotel for beers and tall stories, then to bed.

Sunday morning had breakfast with Georg and Philip from (except Philip wasn't eating much - he looked a bit green...). They have a number of products, the most interesting is an interface concept of connecting real aircraft instruments up to your sim. I got an invite to stop by on my next trip to Germany - will take Georg up on his offer.

The rest of the day came and went with no sign of my Revolution Simproducts rudder pedals. The only ones I saw being delivered were to Peter Wilshire, and I helped load them into the boot of my car! I was thinking of jumping in and absconding with the kit before he could climb in but no, as mentioned previously Peter is a gent. I couldn't do it to him...

I'm going to cancel the order. Let's see how that goes down.

Monday morning I headed off to the Luchtvaart Hobby Shop near Schipol:
What a joy! You should not come to Amsterdam without taking a look around here. What a concept - they actually have sim parts on the shelf that you can put in a basket, pay for and use the same day... Why they didn't have a stand at the Lelystad show is a bit puzzling but hey, what the heck. Was able to pick up a CP Flight trim panel (last one they had), some DZUS fasteners, toggle caps and knobs from Engravity.

No tiller handles though - sorry Gianluca...

They have an outstanding collection of books and guides and a limited selection of real pilot supplies. The visit made my trip complete.

Next up - a week of business then get home ASAP to plug all of these CP Flight panels in.

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