Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A mini mid week update

Last night did a dry fit of the Frankenstein LCD in the MIP. Needed to tweak things a little but take a look at the result:

Sorry about the camera shake and the color balance. What we're really interested in is whether we can see the PFD and ND - the results speak for themselves.

I'm still not 100% happy with the angle of the screen but I'll continue to fine tune it. Why the problem? Well to get the screen in the right spot to not have a gap on the right hand side of the ND, I'm butting up against one of the uprights on the Engravity MIP (hello fellas - please take note):

So maybe I'll grind down part of the Engravity upright or figure something else out. It's really very close though.

While on the topic of Engravity's workmanship, I did need to drill a hole in the center panel to accommodate the MFD buttons. Not sure if this was a one off on my unit or whether this is a problem in general. Here's what the finished result looks like:

See where the ENG and SYS switches are? There was no hole in the MIP for it (and the switches were supplied by Engravity too). I screwed the plate on top to use as a template, marked where the hole needed to be then set to with the drill and grinder. Not the squarest of efforts but then again the plate will cover the mess. More important is that the buttons don't get fouled up on the metal work:

You know you pay a lot for this stuff...

Just got an email from Dan - the throttle handles are in the mail Yahoo!

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