Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Revolution Simproducts TQ: Progress - slowly but surely

Having re-installed FSX and the Accelerator add on, I spent some time yesterday checking out the Revolution Simproducts TQ. It's coming together. After calibrating the TQ one more time and running the PMDG TQ software from RS (instead of the Project Magenta one - apparently it needs more work), I was able to get the thrust lever moving. Especially rewarding when you press the N1 button and you see the levers move forward and the engines spool up. Also a joy to be hauling away on a proper flaps lever and not pressing F7 or F6 on a keyboard...

Levers are working, as is the spoiler and engine cutoff switches. Still to get working are the TOGA buttons, reverse thrusters, AT disconnect and spoiler deployment on landing. I await further instructions.

Also last night hooked up all of the CP Flight radio units etc. MIP board and the fire handles. They are looking superb although I'm struggling to get the power connection to the MIP board working. Instead I'm forced to run power through the MCP, however I understand with so many units daisy chained, you're better off with power on the board. Will keep you informed on this one too.

Off on a brief business trip tomorrow - can't wait to get home to finish off the pedestal.

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