Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mid week mini update

One of the things that ticks me off about the Engravity website is that the photo for the desktop MIP shows the dust shield and trigger guard on the gear lever. You can see what I'm talking about here. The photo may be from the performance panel line because it doesn't come with the desktop version. So we must make our own. Here's the (whoops - mainly out of focus) before shot from my build:

What a mess - you can see all of the gubbins in there - this won't do. So what to put in there? I've been looking for a material that won't scratch the powder coat off the gear lever. Settled on this, a thin fabric backed rubber mouse pad:

Just the right size (as you can see) and protects me with Microban! (whatever that is). A couple of cuts with a craft knife later and I sandwiched the mouse pad between the panel and the landing gear cover. Result? Acceptable if not perfect:

A couple of panels from Opencockpits arrived this week. They are for the light dimmers. Not bad quality, although thinner than the ones from Engravity. Also require their own, custom made backlighting. Knobs shown are from Opencockpits too. A little smaller than the Engravity ones but do have the locking screws on them - have yet to determine if they're functional:

I'll be back at it with the yoke and base this weekend - more later.

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