Sunday, March 6, 2011

Checkpoint Charlie

In Berlin this week on business. A fascinating city with lots of history. My first trip there and I was thoroughly impressed. As I was with my new colleagues, one of which is Dirk. His son, a sensible 8 year old, is interested in all things aeronautical and loves to fly the sim at the Sinsheim air museum.

One of my blog followers, Raik, came over to my hotel to exchange ideas and progress reports on our sim build outs. He yet again confirms my belief that most people in the sim building community are thoroughly decent types. And of course I was flattered that he went out of his way to meet with me.

The conversation alternated between his experience flying helicopter simulators (real ones) and the home built efforts we're involved in. He too is having problems with his Revolution Simproducts TQ. We're both struggling to get the reverse thrusters going and the TOGA functionality working. Will attempt to get Eren from RS on a Skype session this week, once I'm home.

Currently sitting in the Frankfurt airport for my flight back to San Francisco. More to come next week. Surely the paint on the pedestal is dry by now?

Tally ho.


  1. Did you get your TOGA and Reversers working? Mine are setup via FSUIPC and work dandy.


  2. Matt,

    No sir - unable. How did you get FSUIPC to recognize them? Also, keep in mind that I have a motorized TQ with the "new card", which best I can tell is not as good as the "old" one.

    Any tips on how to get it detected in FSUIPC are appreciated. I'll pass on the tips to Raik.