Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pedestal complete

Finished painting the pedestal this week. Here it is:
I just have the units sitting on top. No point mounting them with the DZUS until I have the base ready. It looks pretty cool though:

What else is going on? Ivar Hestnes has posted a great tutorial on how to plan for and build a wrap around screen. You can find it here. Also, he is recommending Warpalizer, software that not only warps an image on a wide screen, it blurs the edges of each projector image so that you can overlap and merge the images. This results in more of a seamless transition in the projected images, something I'm very interested in. Think I'll go with this approach.

First though I need to square away a few other bits and pieces. They are:
  • Get the Revolution Simproducts pedals working. Eren sent the missing nuts this week (don't ask...)
  • Complete the base and get the control column mounted at the correct height
  • Finish wiring up the replacement CPFlight card
  • Get the recently purchased Project Magenta instructor workstation set up on my work lap top (shh - don't tell...)
Not this weekend though - first need to spend some quality time with the missus.

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