Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I did on the day after the world didn't end

Home briefly. Somewhat concerned that the world was going to end last night so didn't make any special plans. Woke up to the same world I fell asleep in last night, at least I think so...

Today I treated myself to just flying the sim - what a concept. I did want to check a couple of aspects of the TQ to make sure the checklist is complete. I'm happy to report, all is good. Specifically:
  • The spoilers automatically deploy on landing
  • The reverse thrusters are fully operational
I spent a bit of time tweaking the configuration on the rudder pedals in FSUIPC. The handling is much better now I have it calibrated there. For the life of me though I can't get the right brake pedal working, even though it's showing up correctly in FSUIPC. I'll need to do a spot of RTFing on that.

Here's a better photo of what the rig looks like now:

Must admit, quite encouraged today - will get back into the build later in the summer. Next up though is another 2 trips to Europe in the next 3 weeks (don't ask...), first departs Thursday night. Also must get cracking on the sideboard the wife wants me to make, otherwise the external visuals will be a none starter...

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