Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cleared for take off - a checklist

Spent an hour on Skype with Oral from Revolution Simproducts on Saturday morning, bright and early for me. He identified and corrected a number of problems for me:
  • In the config screen I had selected "Pro-line" as my TQ. This is because I had purchased a Pro-line. Apparently this should only be selected for "a handful of customers who were shipped a custom TQ". Instead I should have selected "Motorized"
  • I was running the PMDG version of the RS interface software, since the Project Magenta one wasn't functioning. I should have selected the PM version
  • Oral reprogrammed the custom SIOC script he had provided months ago
Process took a little over an hour, very timely since I had to head out. Result?:
  • AT disconnect button working? Check
  • Reverse thrusters working? Check
  • TOGA button working? Check
  • Smooth operation of both throttles? Check
Of course Oral reminded me to smile! Which if course, I was. I think we've ironed out all of the problems now, I just need to test auto deployment of the speed brake on landing. Sadly, I took off for another business trip to Europe (from where I'm filing my report). Will perform a full shake down test on my return.

I may finally be a happy Revolution Simproducts customer!

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  1. Awesome. Glad things are finally looking up on the Revolution front!