Thursday, October 7, 2010

Octoberfirst (post)

First trip to Europe looms on Saturday. No build to report and no update on where my throttle quadrant is. Repeated emails to Revolution Simproducts have gone unanswered - I hope this isn't a bad sign... Maybe they are just busy preparing for the FS weekend in Lelystad...

What I have been doing though is trying to land at Innsbruck, RW08, via the BRENO 2B approach and a circling final from ABSAM. The gauntlet was thrown down by Bernd and he has been more successful than I. Although I did note on the playback that he came within 260 feet of auguring in before turning onto the base leg...

In an attempt to improve my performance, I downloaded and installed the latest versions of Project Magenta, including the LOWI terrain add on. Curses! I should of backed up the old files first - the darned thing stopped working! In particular the PFD and ND software disappears from the computer whenever I run it (either that or it's moving itself to a different folder I've yet to find). There's always something to figure out.

Also, my sister was in town and surprisingly wanted to see the sim in action. Naturally I bludgeoned the landing while she was watching... What was touching was that she was really getting into it and was trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. Sis did an excellent job of lowering the gear when requested, while her hubby worked the flaps. If only their flight back home next day went as smoothly - they were delayed by 17 hours... Sometimes the sim world works better than the real thing.

Final note, Lulu fixed the boo boo on the Boeing 737 technical guide, as reported in the last post. Captain Bernd awaits the goofed one.

A bientot.

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