Monday, October 18, 2010

Home again - briefly

While in Europe I passed through Paris for a couple of days. Finally got through to Revolution Simproducts - my TQ is finished. Hurrah! I would have driven over to pick it up in person, except it needs to go through a couple of days of tests - boo! I decided to leave the guys alone to do what they need to. A pity really, it would have been nice to see their operation but I couldn't justify the ride out to Roissy. I'll see the team in Lelystad next month anyway.

Now I'm counting down to when the unit will ship. Good chance I'll be back in Europe when it does (I leave on Saturday).

My timing was perfect though for getting in and out of France. As you may be aware, there are strikes and demonstrations going on right now. Fortunately I dropped the rental car off just as the lines at the gas stations were starting. Also lucky to fly out while CDG had jet fuel (although our pilot did sneak up to a Lufthansa jet at 36,000 ft to siphon off enough juice to get us stateside). Air traffic controllers are about to strike too, again, lucky me.

In the unlikely event I get to work on any construction this week, I'll post again before departure.

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