Thursday, May 10, 2012

What the heck!

As you know, I've been having problems with my CPFlight MIP board. I've been in extensive email exchange with the guys in Italy to figure out was going wrong. How extensive? 44 emails (including  requested photos of my set up) back and forth trying to figure it out! Admittedly I didn't help the process by misnaming one of the components in my "I'm sure I'm right" descriptions. I learned something from that...

Bottom line, I shipped the board back a week ago so Paolo could take a look at it. From my end the thing had gone none functional since applying power directly to the board. I was convinced it was blown. Paolo plugs it in and.... it works flawlessly! It's on its way back to me where I will (for the 3rd time) reconnect all the wires and try again. Or maybe not. First I will video document me connecting the thing to the MCP, the 6 pack, EFIS and 1 radio. Then if it works - hurrah! If not, what the heck is going on! Maybe the problem lies with the MCP - we shall see.

Received 2 bits of feedback this last week on the blog. First was a really nice email from Tom, a somewhat local anorak. He took the time out to give an assessment of my blog and writing style. I'm thrilled to report he nailed in his description the kind of tone I'm trying to get across. He also briefed me on his build plans. If I can help out, happy to do so.

Also received a comment from Shweta asking for more information... happy to oblige although I'm not entirely sure what kind of information you're looking for.

There's a small window of opportunity this weekend for me to work on the build. Then I'm on the road again for more or less the next 6 weeks. May be a while before I post anything of significance but of course, will keep you all informed of progress.

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  1. I too had issues with a CP Flight item. It was the MCP, it just wouldn't work so I returned to Paolo who plugged it in and it worked! He replaced the electronics at my request and returned the unit. it worked first off once plugged in. No idea what my issue was, but it appears that my set-up did not agree with something in the electronics. CPF stand by their products and are first rate with theior service. Flight Sim is black magic sometimes :) SAFE travels