Monday, April 9, 2012

Visuals part 2

Spent a couple of hours testing tonight. First off, got the Nvidia cards working in SLI mode with one big expanded desktop at 3840 X 800 resolution (each projector is 1280 X 800). Loaded up FSX and tweaked the window settings. More work is required here - later. Fired up an evaluation copy of Warpalizer. It took a bit of trial and error and I'm by no means finished but here are some preliminary results:
I need to make some physical adjustments to where the projector beams intersect. The edge blending from Warpalizer works quite well though. Also, the fact that the projection surface is not completely flat causes problems in the projection too. For a proof of concept though, I'm thrilled.

Here's a closer look of our fair city:

I may tinker around a bit more tomorrow but next step is to purchase Warpalizer. I can't save the config in the evaluation mode and I really need to get a laser level on the test grid lines to make sure everything is where it ought to be. Again though, very happy with the results!

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