Thursday, August 11, 2011

Projectors ordered

Just placed the order for 3 Infocus (I hope they are...) IN146 projectors. According to my SketchUp 3D model, they should work out:

Link to the model is here (you'll need Google SketchUp to view it)

Wish me luck...


  1. What type and model projectors did you order?

  2. Iain,

    Infocus IN146. They have the same specs as the projectors Ivar Hestnes used, other than they don't have zoom lenses. If I could have purchased the Benq MP782-ST that he has, I would be happier. Sadly discontinued and were never really available in the US.

    As Gianluca pointed out to me, projectors are "schizophrenic". Finding something that will work, that hasn't been discontinued and a supplier who can ship 3 at the same time, is a hassle. My plans indicate that the Infocus units will do, at a price point that is acceptable. We'll see!

    The gear arrives tomorrow although it will be the back end of September before I can post initial findings. I'm sure I'll have time to take them out of the box and make sure they work before then though!


  3. Bill, congrats on selecting your projectors! If you have not already selected your ceiling mount, here are some ideas...

    Take care. Gianluca

  4. Thanks Gianluca! I'm mad enough (end cheap enough) to try making my own. What I'm looking for is something that will allow me to make fine adjustments back, forward and side to side. Figure I'll need this since the lenses are fixed focal length (no zoom).

    The units arrived yesterday, I plugged them in and they're all working. Will set up a test rig in a month or so and will post the results.